Sorry Everyone!

November 15, 2010

Our bad for the lack-o-updateage.  Everyone involved with the project is spread rather thin and this outlet slipped out of sight.

We will be doing our best to publish more here in the future!



April 18, 2010

Martin Luther developed the pastime of inviting his students to his home after class to discuss theology and share a pint of his wife Katy’s home-brewed ale.  At Luther’s Table, we are going to continue that tradition of fostering faith and developing theological depth through conversation and fellowship in downtown Renton.  We even have clergy from the area who have volunteered to bartend, believe it or not.  Everyone who works here from the host to the custodian will be trained to serve generously, and to care for the people they serve.

Luther’s Table Website

Up and Running

April 17, 2010

Welcome to the newly founded news page for Luther’s Table!

Check back often for updates.